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Passenger Information Please provide us with all the following information in order to fully process your booking.

Passenger 1 (Party Leader)

Passenger 2


Special Diets

Any Medical Conditions or Disabilities

Any Mobility Restrictions

Next of Kin: Name


Home Telephone


National Railcard: Type


Expiry Date

If a discount is claimed a valid National Railcard must be carried whilst on a UK tour.

Insurance Company

Insurer’s Emergency Contact No.

Policy Number

Insurance is not mandatory for UK residents travelling on UK tours

Passport: Number & Issue Date Expiry Date


Country / Authority issued by

A Passport is not required for UK tour bookings, but photo ID may need to be carried on some UK tours.

Are you travelling with anyone else on this tour who will have sent us a booking form independently?

If so, whom?

Please tick on both of your Booking Forms to indicate that you wish Railtrail to make adjacent seat reservations where possible.

DECLARATION To be completed by the First Passenger (Party Leader) on behalf of ALL of the party MOBILITY DECLARATION See “ Your Mobility & Tour Suitability ”, Booking Information, page A. I declare that I and all of my party are capable of: * Carrying and lifting our own luggage on to and off trains? YES NO * Walking at a reasonable pace as part of a group? YES NO * Climbing steps without assistance? YES NO I have read and I understand the Railtrail Booking Information and I have provided the Passenger Information needed to process this booking. I have read and I accept the Railtrail Booking Conditions on behalf of all of the above named passengers and understand the importance of the Mobility Declaration . I enclose a deposit payment as described above, and undertake on behalf of myself and my party to pay the required balance money no later than 13 weeks (Grand Tours By Rail and European tours) / 9 weeks (UK tours) before the departure date.

If the answer is NO to any of these questions, you or your travel agent will need to discuss the suitability of your chosen tour with Railtrail before booking.

Signed Date


Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Return this signed Booking Form by fax to 01538 382525 or post to: Railtrail Tours Limited, 43 St. Edward Street, Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands ST13 5DN Telephone: 01538 382323 email: web:



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